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Learn how to use the XFACTOR hiring process to find, hire, & retain the best employees possible! You'll learn how to...

  • Quickly Identify Which Applicants You Should Keep
  • Tap Into The Other 85% of Passive Candidates
  • Never Be Fooled By An Exaggerated Resumé
  • Reduce Workers Comp Costs By 40-60%
  • Reduce Employee Turnover By 25% On Average 
  • Conduct a Structured Interview

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xfactor hiring process

We'll have an initial meeting to go over all your success and failures. Together we'll form a road map for successful hires. You'll answer some key questions to help us create an XFACTOR profile for each position.

xfactor hiring process

After we review your criteria, we'll develop the XFACTOR profile and a detailed job description. The clients who assess early are also EEOC compliant and save much more time because they can automate the early stages of the process.

xfactor hiring process

We will attract candidates through social media outlets and various job boards. It's important to include resources that will tap into the "passive" candidates.

xfactor hiring process

Your candidate takes the assessment, answering approximately one hundred questions in all. This could be a combination of the integrity test, cognitive test and personality test.

xfactor hiring process

After your candidate takes the assessment, the results  are emailed to us within minutes. We compare the recommended candidates to your XFACTOR criteria & select the highest  scores.

xfactor hiring process

We then phone screen the top XFACTOR candidates to find deeper levels of compatibility between potential candidates and your company.

xfactor hiring process

We then perform a structured interview with candidates that pass the phone interview stage.

xfactor hiring process

Those that pass our structured interview will be scheduled for a face to face interview with you. You will also be given a copy of the XFACTOR so that you may target your questions specifically to areas of concern.


Nextaff Offers a 90-Day Replacement Guarantee on Direct Hires!

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Nextaff is a Workforce Strategy provider. Our comprehensive model is designed to outperform a typical staffing supplier model.

What our clients are saying...

This is the first place I would go when seeking employment, because we have successfully hired several employees. The staff at Nextaff are professional, are great to deal with, and truly care about the employee and employer. If you are serious about finding a job, or hiring a qualified employee, this is your agency.

Gwendolyn T

Employers in OS, Coast and beyond: It is worth your time to call Nextaff FIRST before hiring. We all know good employees are seemingly impossible to find these days. So, let these guys screen them first taking a lot of the work and frustration out of the search practice. They have found me several long lasting employees dramatically improving my business and my LIFE. They are professional and truly care about their clients.

Lauren T.